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Lucy Hyde-Thompson, Buckinghamshire

Kirsty Davis is a fabulous Equine Sports Massage Therapist and trainer who I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years. She has helped loads with my team chasers both in improving their musculature and in our jumping. I just wish we were closer!

Lucy Hyde-Thompson

Pat Daly MRCVS Cert AVP
Swanspool Veterinary Clinic, 1 London Road, Wellingborough, Northants, NN8 2BT, Tel: 01933 222145, Email:

Clair Andrews testimonial"I have known Kirsty for approximately twenty years both as a client and in a professional capacity as somebody I would recommend to treat horses.

Apart from her detailed knowledge of equine musculoskeletal anatomy her greatest asset is her ability to communicate equally well both with horses and their owners of varying experience she won’t try to blind you with science but neither is she condescending, she will always giver her honest opinion. Her gift with horses comes from a genuine love and a lifetime obsession.

As a veterinary practice we have always been pleased with the professional and thorough way she has dealt with our clients horses.

She is still missed by many of the equine community in this area who would happily continue to use her has she not moved so far away.

Clair Andrews, Leics

Clair Andrews testimonial"I have been privileged to know Kirsty for over fifteen years. Kirsty is a true treasure, the type of horsewoman you so rarely see these days. I am always in admiration of Kirsty's immense knowledge and professionalism. Whatever remit you see Kirsty in whether that be Equine Sports Massage, lecture/ demonstrations, lessons, as a rider, a breeder or for selling top quality and produced horses you are guaranteed Kirsty will be totally dedicated to the task in hand. I value Kirsty not only as a fellow professional but as a good friend too."

Vicky Leggett

Vicky Leggett at Equifest 2011My path first crossed with Kirsty about 10 years ago when she was recommended to massage a horse that I owned. He was not the easiest of equines and I was thoroughly impressed with the way in which she dealt with him and the issues he had which she played a large part in helping to improve. Over the years she has continued to massage the horses that I have owned, both routinely and as follow up after injury, in every case she has been professional and thorough, communicating with other professionals when needed and offering the most helpful advice and support to me as an owner on a continuous basis.

Kirsty approached me to work for her part time approximately 6 months after I met her and I continued to do so on a permanent part time basis until her move to Wales. During this time I was lucky enough to get to know her much better. Her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge always seems to be endless. There was rarely a day that went by that I didn’t feel that I had learnt something new from her. She also at this time gave me lessons on my show cob who improved dramatically with her help through his flat work combined with the routine massages to help keep him supple. She offered to school him when I was away on holiday, and upon my return met me at a show with him turned out to perfection and going so beautifully that he won the class. What more could you ask of someone who was meant to be my boss She has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. She has been there through every success I have had in the show ring, even going out of her way to learn what is required of a show horse so that she can support me. I still try to make sure that I am available to meet her at competitions to groom for her when she needs help, you can be guaranteed an enjoyable day where it is a pleasure to see how her horses have developed and improved through her kind and consistent training.

Having been so impressed with her approach to training horses, I approached her to see if she would back a 3 year old which I had bred. She did the most fabulous job, never rushing him, being kind and consistent with a firm hand when needed. When at a later date I decided to sell him, it was again Kirsty I turned to, she helped prepare him to sell, taking pictures and video footage and put together an advert which had the phone ringing almost immediately.

She did such an amazing job backing Jack and later helping me with his sale that when I decided to sell my hunter I asked Kirsty to have her to train and compete prior to sale. She turned my bog standard hunter in to a lovely little R/C competition horse. She successfully competed BE and then sold Barco for me, finding her the perfect home where she has gone on from strength to strength.

Recently I purchased a horse from Kirsty, Baby is the most stunning horse that I have ever owned, he was successful in the show ring from the word go. Kirsty has always been on the end of the phone to offer me advice and support if I need it as he was settling in.

Over the years Kirsty is someone who has inspired me and supported me. She is the first person I call when I have a problem, her depth of knowledge never ceases to amaze me. She is truly the most amazing person who I feel very privileged to know, as a client, employee, and friend.

Rachel Hannaford, Northamptonshire -

Rachel Hannaford jumping'The voice of reason' that's what I called Kirsty during the time I was lucky enough to be associated with her, and I feel honoured to have had that time with her as it really transformed my riding, my appreciation of my horse and my general equine outlook.......invaluable! We met when I stabled my horse at Brampton and I was desperate to be good at this eventing lark, I had the tools (lovely Brennan), I just lacked direction and skills. I convinced Kirsty that she wanted to train me (brave lady) and the journey started.

Kirsty took the time to take us apart and put up back together, especially when it came to my neurosis about jumping. I've never jumped such big fences with confidence than I did with Kirsty, there is something about her that you just trust and end up doing things you never thought you would - she understands people and horses, quite a rare skill for a trainer! She managed many a melt down too, and never made me feel like I was being feeble, but gave me the confidence to get on with it.

I was also fortunate to take advantage of Kirsty's other skill - equine massage - we would quite often incorporate a training session and massage for Bren, which helped him no end.

I still miss Kirsty, and often think of the fun we had - she is an exceptional horse woman and I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to train or use her equine massage skills, to go for won't be disappointed!

Photo 'Rachel on Bren at Oasby Horse Trials'

Merran McLachlan, Gloucestershire - Having known Kirsty for a number of years now both in her professional capacity and as a friend I have always found her very supportive and helpful. She has an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and movement which is essential for a good massage therapist, an enquiring mind always wanting to learn more and the reason behind this information. Kirsty is an all-round horsewoman, has competed eventing and show jumping to a good level for a considerable time and has much experience in rehabilitation and training of horses and is also a very good clear lecturer in all the above. As a person she is very straightforward and truthful but is great fun too either as a massage therapist, rehabilitation work and trainer/lecturer.

Jo Hall, Shropshire - I am an instructor and trainer and as Kirsty and I were working with the same clients on a Riding Club Clinic, we got together to 'sing from the same song sheet'. I had a few lessons and it was like a 'eureka moment'. Everything that I have ever been taught came together as a 'whole'. The idea of being able to naturally create a framework in which the horse can carry itself within my aids has stuck firmly with me. I use it now when I teach people and train horses. Kirsty's teaching method works with my head - she explains in a format that connects on a level I can easily understand. Her approach to ditch training was so simple and black and white. Once I could appreciate what the horse thought and saw it was so obvious and natural. It just makes sense!
Angie O'Brien, Cambs - My name is Angie O'Brien, I am a qualified human an equine sports massage therapist. I work in the Racehorse Rehabilitation Centre on Shadwell Stud in Thetford Norfolk with Thoroughbred and Arabian racehorses, primarily focusing on young stock and horses who have sustained injuries in training and at home. When I commenced my equine sports massage training, Kirsty became my mentor. She was quick to offer her support and share her knowledge and experience during my equine training. She gave me confidence and belief in my own ability, which I needed to gain my equine qualifications. Kirsty is one of the best teachers I have worked with. She has a strict attention to detail, is supportive and encouraging, with a simple no nonsense approach to teaching. Without doubt I don't feel I would be where I am today without the encouragement, guidance and support I received from Kirsty.

Kerry Mander Northants

Kerry Mander's horse On the 15th April 2012 the best thing in the world happened, I bought the most wonderful horse in the world from Kirsty Davis. Ra had been home bred by Kirsty but to my luck she had decided he had to find a new mummy. I can never thank Kirsty enough for selling him to me and sharing her knowledge with me, she was up front and told me everything I needed to know about Ra, and I have since contacted her for advice on feed for him.

I recommend anyone to deal with her as there are not many people who are so up front and honest.

Pru Saunders, Northants - I first met Kirsty when she was 11 years old, she was fearless and sat beautifully, and it was clear to me then, that she was extremely talented both on and of the horse.Over the years Kirsty has helped me with difficult pointers and youngsters with great success.

Pru Saunders and BertieI have had horses for over 40 years, and during that time I have had the occasional horse leaving me scratching my head. So I would employ Kirsty and her skills to help solve the problem. One of my many youngsters refused to load; it would throw itself on the floor in retaliation. We tried everything. We called for Kirsty, and within half an hour she had him walking in and out of the lorry and he has never been a problem since. Another youngster, that I had brought to hunt, had major problems jumping. She was willing but she couldn’t make a shape and fell over everything. Kirsty found a problem with the muscles along her back, and after a few weeks of massage she was a different horse. Within 6 months Kirsty was eventing her for me.

Kirsty has a knack of getting even the most difficult of horses to go beautifully (and make it look easy) with a combination of massage and unique understanding of balance and discipline on the flat and over fences. Kirsty gains the horse’s utmost trust at all times.

She also has a very sympathetic and uncomplicated style of teaching owner riders, and is able to give them greater confidence and understanding of how and why.

Over the years I watched Kirsty competing, she has been successful point to pointing and show jumping, but her passion is eventing. She has had great personal success in this field, but sadly due to injury to herself and to some of her talented up and coming horses over the years, she has struggled to make it to the top of her game, also everything has been done without the aid of a sponsor, which is virtually impossible. So she has done exceptionally well under the circumstances.

One of her horses (The Likky Bridge), her homebred intermediate eventer, was my favorite. I watched him compete numerous times, and thought how amazing it would be to have him as my hunter when he retired. I have now had him for 4 seasons and he does this job with absolute ease, and he certainly is the best schooled horse I have ever owned. Thanks Kirsty. Pru Saunders, Northants.

Kerry Weisselberg, Lincolnshire

Kerry Weisselberg jumping I have known Kirsty Davis for a few decades, firstly as a Sports Massage Therapist, when she treated my top horse as we worked towards 3* level eventing. My mare was quite a sensitive and difficult sort but always clearly enjoyed Kirsty's ministrations, relaxing totally and going to sleep on her feet. The effects were very clear to me and definitely played a part in how far we progressed. Kirsty and I have shared the same dressage trainer, a German Master, for a very long time now, and I know that she, like me, has totally taken on board his whole horse-centric training ethos, of consistency and firmness. She rides sympathetically and effectively, and is very experienced at bringing horses on, from birth onwards. I would not hesitate to entrust a horse to her care, for backing, schooling or competition work. As an instructor she is patient, clear-sighted and honest, and her thorough understanding of equine and human physiology, as well as her many years of experience with a huge variety of horses and ponies, help hugely in her deep understanding of any problems encountered and the best way to address them.

Kerry on Skylarker at Savernake Advanced

Merran McLachlan, Gloucestershire - Having known Kirsty for a number of years now both in her professional capacity and as a friend I have always found her very supportive and helpful. She has an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and movement which is essential for a good massage therapist, an enquiring mind always wanting to learn more and the reason behind this information. Kirsty is an all-round horsewoman, has competed eventing and show jumping to a good level for a considerable time and has much experience in rehabilitation and training of horses and is also a very good clear lecturer in all the above. As a person she is very straightforward and truthful but is great fun too either as a massage therapist, rehabilitation work and trainer/lecturer.

Elizabeth Garfield

Liz Garfield's horse RedKirsty Davis transformed my horse both physically and mentally. She is the most professional and intuitive horse woman I have met. Kirsty possesses an unusual talent in that not only is she a great equine massage therapist but she has an amazing intuitive connection with the horse that in my opinion makes Kirsty a unique practitioner.

I can't recommend Kirsty enough.

Sally Wainwright

I am the very proud owner of Florence, brought last August (2012) from Kirsty Davis. Flo is an extremely well mannered horse and the best balanced horse I have ever ridden, this fact did not go unnoticed by either the saddle fitter or farrier.

Kirsty has been really helpful with queries regarding new tack, bits etc.always taking the time to come and see us and offer advice where needed.

I am not a competitive rider but enjoy going off for long rides around the country with my map and compass. Due to a back injury I need a well trained horse who has seen and done it all and is very responsive to leg aids and I can trust to get me home or back to my transport.

Should I ever need to find a new horse in the future Kirsty would be the first person I would contact.

Jane Gurney

We were very fortunate to have Kirsty teaching us when she lived in Northamptonshire.We have bred and owned various horses over the years and Kirsty has helped with most of them.

Kirsty taught my son Henry through the years with Eventing, Team Chasing and now Point to Pointing.

We have an ex racehorse which we retrained to Event and without Kirsty’s help to do this it would have been impossible.

Kirsty helped me with my very stiff and difficult home bred horse; who turned out to be a brilliant hunter.

Somehow Kirsty is very good at assessing both you as a rider and the capabilities of your horse. Her knowledge and experience with horses from bringing on youngsters, competing herself and work as a sports masseur are invaluable.

I cannot praise Kirsty’s instruction and knowledge enough and still miss her help and understanding of any problems that we had with our horses.

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