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Kirsty Davis latest Lecture:

Kirst lecturing at the ESMA AGM

Kirsty giving a lecture to the membership at the ESMA AGM 2013 on Rollkur: The Story so Far.

Kirsty Davis has lectured for:

  • Pony Clubs
  • Riding Clubs
  • BHS groups
  • British Show Pony Society
  • Riding for the Disabled
  • Equine Sports Massage Association
  • Cheltenham Race Course Show case meeting
  • Ascot Racecourse
  • Newbury Racecourse
  • Uttoxeter Racecourse
  • Kempton Racecourse
  • Fontwell Racecourse
  • Hamilton Racecourse
  • Martin Collins Arenas

Some of the subjects that I have covered include:

Massage – explanation of massage therapy, how it can improve your horse’s performance and well being. What you would expect from a therapist and/or a practical demonstration

Skeleton and Muscles of the horse - this can be given as a theory lecture, but it is very popular as a practical with a live horse which can have the bones and muscles painted on



Gait and movement quality (including jumping) – biomechanics of the horse, how to assess movement, limiting factors and how to improve it

Different disciplines – how different disciplines affect the horse’s muscles in different ways and why

Training methods - the effects on the horse’s mind and body – this has been given in a practical and theory form

Horse and rider psychology

Classical riding concept

Conformation - its effect on the horse’s movement and ability to perform

Arena surfaces - Effects of different surfaces on the biomechanics and musculo-skeletal system of the horse

Saddlery - study of how a saddle is made and subsequent musculo-skeletal effects

Successful loading, water and ditch introduction

Kirsty lecturing in the saddle


Press Release - Painting an astonishing picture at Hamilton - David carr

Racing post blog photo of a painted horse

Wow!! Sometimes things are just so breathtaking that there is nothing else you can say. It happened at
Newmarket yesterday and it happened again at Hamilton this afternoon.
Not a performance to rival Frankel's - you don't get two of those in two days. Or two months. Or two
But there was almost as jaw-dropping a sight in the pre-parade ring. The 12-year-old One Step Beyond had been prepared for an 'anatomy of the horse demonstration' and looked astonishing.
On one side his skeleton had been painted in white, each of the 34 different sets of bones carefully marked out.
And on the other side each of the 34 major muscles and organs had been painted in vibrant colours.
It apparently took four hours to create the staggering effect and there can be no better way to illustrate a horse's physiology - though quite how the luridly decorated One Step Beyond gets treated by his equine mates when he is back at home in the field is another question.
Though it is no surprise to see something out of the ordinary at the first meeting of the season on a track which is always a pleasure to visit and is always prepared to push the boat out - every race this year will apparently meet the Horseman's Group's prize money tariff thanks to a 50 per cent increase in
contributions by the track executive.
And they have common sense - a commodity that appears to be all too rare in racing.
David Carr Blog — Racing post 01/05/11

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